The year is 2030...

Humanity has successfully advanced technologically. The world is connected. Until someone of greater power forms an organization with the sole intent to eradicate everything humanity has built...



Alpha Spectrum is a story-driven open world Sci-Fi RPG with a deep plot which creatively combines different styles together and provides an immersive experience in a believable cyberpunk world.

About us

InspiRational Games is a team of individuals, founded by Hungarian engineer and modder Adam Ferenczi through Discord and other social media outlets. Members work for free in their spare time and are motivated by their passion and committed to innovation. Our main goal, besides self-realization, is to show the world that a small group of creative individuals can achieve something that usually only large companies can do, by way of thinking outside the box. We hope to inspire others to start working on their dreams.


A single-player experience that focuses on a storyline which is told through dialogues with professional voice acting. Enjoy the modern audio-visual experience in a dystopian, cyberpunk environment with a bit of a mystic touch.

RPG elements

Upgrade your character, use your abilities in combat, alter them with talents, complete missions and make an impact on the world. Meet interesting characters, hack security systems, and investigate to reveal a greater enemy.


An open world game where various styles of gameplay elements follow each other during the entire plot, such as exploration, conversations, stealth, combat and so on. The player can decide how to proceed further, and none of the possible approaches are too much at once.







The Agent is a cybersecurity investigator; a powerful combatant with psionic powers. The origin of psionic powers is unknown to the public, most people even doubt their existence. Psionics are casters who use gravity, antimatter, astral and elemental energies to combat foes and renegerate resources. Allegedly the process of becoming a wielder of the powers is called "Ascension".

Warp Blade

Melee skill

The player quickly floats to a targeted enemy and attacks with a powerful strike

Howling Winter

Area of effect skill

A powerful freezing ice ring emerges from the ground in a targeted area, enemies within the ring are frozen into an ice tomb


Ability skill

The player emits a powerful typhoon in front of her, enemies caught are knocked back into a distance and dazed for a short period

Astral Recall

Aura skill

Replenishes health and energy over time, also applies to nearby allies

Shock Gun

Projectile skill

Stuns multiple targets in a row

Tesla Strike

Projectile skill

Fast projectile without cooldown, deals greater damage over time - causes DoT that stacks over use - also its direct damage steals HP from the target and heals the player

Quasar Burst

Ability skill

Enhances damage dealt by other abilities and grants slightly faster movement while it's active

Void Prison

Projectile skill

Disables an enemy unit's brain implant for a short duration, making them unconscious, does not trigger combat - useful in stealth scenarios

Force Shield

Ability skill

Creates a protective barrier in a designated area which can block incoming projectiles

Psionic Storm

Spawn skill

Summons a powerful alien creature that casts spells, such as Shockwave, Shock Blast and Medic


New York City

New York City is an early morning scene in the Prologue, where the story begins.

The Agent is a cybersecurity investigator who has just joined the CIA.


The Financial District of Moscow is on a platform above the old city.

It was so overcrowded, they had to build a new city on top of it.

The Warren District is a residential area of Moscow.

It's a smuggler's den, crime lords rule the streets, drugs and prostitution are part of everyday life.

The Authority District of Moscow is a heavily guarded place. A stealthy approach is advised.

Many government buildings and megacorporation headquarters are located here.


The Changning District is a crime-infested downtown area of Shanghai, China.

An elite mercenary group is acting as local police here.

The Jinshan District is a suburban area of Shanghai, where secret factions are following traditions.

There is something mysterious about this place.


Iraq is not as technologically advanced as western countries.

The Karrada District is a war-torn area of Baghdad, where local militias patrol the streets.


Moscow Police


Iraqi Militia


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